Our materials are used in various applications – Complete Door fittings & operation, Glass fixing & Sliding , ACP Placing, Wooden products for canopy, door & floor, Railing accessories, Fiber Cement boards for construction & buildings, Laminate sheets for Name board Signage’s & all kind of building & constructions applications.

Tempered glass is made on state-of-the-art, electrically heated in a horizontal furnace, which heat the glass to a uniform temperature. Ceramic rolls convey the glass through the furnace at speeds regulated to ensure temperature uniformity and minimal optical distortions. When the glass exits from the furnace, it is rapidly cooled by a series of air nozzles. This rapid cooling puts the glass surface into a state of compression, with the center core in tension. In the final stress distribution, the sum of the forces in compression equals the forces in tension. When broken at point the entire piece breaks into small pieces that have relatively dull edges as compared to those of broken pieces of annealed glass